Monday, October 1, 2007

Day One Down - Four More to Go

Today was a beautiful day in South Carolina. The weather early was a crisp 49*, heating up to the low 80s late this afternoon. It has been such beautiful weather here. It is supposed to be the same all week with no threats of rain.

I had a wonderful day. I completed 132 jobs today -- 32 ahead of schedule. I'd like to continue being ahead of schedule so I can either complete more work and/or leave early enough on Friday to be home and not have to spend another night away from my family.

We thought Josh had strep today -- sore throat, stomach hurting. Kevin took him to the dr. Turns out to be just sinuses. Darren checked his foot and told us to ice it more and gave Josh a larger bandage to wear.

For the first time since I've been inspecting, I was questioned by a police officer today about what I was doing. I've inspected tens of thousands of properties over the past 5 years. I am surprised no one has asked me yet. Great Falls is a small town, with no noted fast food places or hotels. I'm certain everyone knows everyone else's business because I've had too many people out asking what I'm doing. I've also had quite a few more than normal "funny looks" from insureds about why I'm there.

I've found out, that apparently, in Great Falls, you can have your own "pet deer" in your yard. From what I understand, this deer got hit and was hurt badly so this person got permits to keep it. There are two smaller (baby) deer in the same yard. Talk about a "jaw dropping" experience. Try walking up on this in some one's yard in a residential area:

One of the first houses I visited was on "DeeDee" Lane, which is what Josh calls my dad.

Some folks have already started their fall decorations. Here is one I especially liked:

Anyone looking for a job? There is apparently need for painters in Great Falls, SC as a HUGE number of houses I have gone to have peeling or worn paint. I'm astounded by the amount of paint work needing to be done here. A person could rack up if they liked to paint.

Rocks just grow out of the ground here -- BIG rocks. Mind you, these are placed in yards, they are just THERE and they are really big. I'm sure Kevin, my "rockologist", would really like these:

I've not made a lot of "animal" friends so far -- like I normally do. I don't have as much time since I'm really concentrating on getting as much done as I can. However, the people are MUCH more talkative here than many of the other places I've been. I had to literally DRIVE OFF with some woman begging me to come in to see her new bathroom.

Oh, and on the adoption front, a big thanks to my friend Anita who sent me an email about a grant opportunity at Ava's Hope. I have applied for us. I know our chances are small, but I'll take a small chance for an adoption grant anyday!!! We have also applied with the National Adoption Foundation. Their cut off was September 30 so if we received any grants from them, we should hear within a month. If not, we can apply again for the quarter ending December 30.

I'm tired. A good night's sleep and back at it tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Yea! Work hard and come home! I miss you!