Friday, August 31, 2007

September news on China referrals

Well, it's "big" news to me. Referrals for the past eight months have been coming in very small numbers. Last month (August), China referred LID's (log-in-dates) of Nov. 14-21. That's ONE WEEK of referrals which, to me, is SNAIL paced. This month, rumors are that referrals will go into December. While that's not HUGE, it's bigger than normal. CCAA is also telling people that in 2008 they will go back to referring two weeks of LID's at a time (basically it will take 2 months to get through 1 month). This is somewhat of a speed-up and I will gladly take it. I'm still going to keep praying, however, for a HUGE speed up of referring a month's worth of LID's at a time.

We are LID 12/25/06 so even at 2 week referrals at a time, we are looking at 24 more months -- that's a LONG time folks! Pray, pray, pray for a speed up -- not just for me, but for all those families waiting in front of us as well.

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