Wednesday, February 24, 2010

$10 Easel - $20 Makeover -- Bargain???

So, I bought Ellie an easel at the consignment sale last week. Apparently, I should say I bought an easel for Ellie AND Josh because I think he enjoys it as much as she does -- maybe more. I had been looking at them at Christmas and didn't want to pay $40 for one (least expensive one I could find). SO.... bright me, I think, "Oh, I'll just get one at the consignment sale." And I did. I paid $10 for it. It's a Little Tykes that looks like this ...

... with the exception that where you see red above, ours is blue. It was kind of dirty, but nothing a sponge and some cleaner (bought for $.25 a bottle, you know, with coupons!!!) couldn't tackle. The only thing that was substantially wrong with it was the chalkboard side had some permanent marker type writing on it. Obviously, this family had a little Ellie who went through a permanent marker stage too. However, knowing that they make chalkboard paint and that I have nothing else to do, I decided I could just whip a coat of paint on it and be done.

Why are things never that simple for me?

First off, I stopped at {my least favorite place} Wal-mart and they only had black and it was $9 for a can. I decided I could certainly find it in another color and cheaper elsewhere. Stop two was at KMart who listed colored chalkboard paint on their website, but did not carry it in the store. At least not in Bowling Green where I stopped. Then, I contemplated Lowes and some other places but was never around them. Tonight Josh and I made it to the Home Depot (Daddy would be proud).

And it got even more difficult.

APPARENTLY, one can get either black (quart) for $11.96 OR a tintable one that you can make one of twelve colors (quart) for $12.96. *sigh* I was all for black. Actually I was all for scrapping it, but Josh was with me, so I had to be brave about spending THAT KIND OF MONEY for a quart of paint. Then the decision ensued about color choice. Color, yes. No, black. No, color, for sure. Which one? Twelve choices. I can't decide what to eat for breakfast; PLEASE do not make me do this. Josh finally decided on blue. Mr. Paint mixed it all up for us while Josh and I browsed the interactive paint display and chose colors for his room "makeover" that I have promised him either during spring break or summer time. After Mr. Paint was done, he told me (creative salesperson that he was) that I needed to buy this small roller and plastic tray because it would give it a "manufacturer-like finish". Oh, yeah, right. Listen, you have to consider the painter before you make those kinds of blanket statements. But then he added, "They are only $5." and I snapped it right up. Grand total to re-paint a chalkboard - $21. *sigh*

HOWEVER, the up-side is that Josh is going to paint a chalkboard on the wall of his room with the rest of the paint -- sort of a bulletin board of sorts, so it's dual purpose.

Consignment store easel - $10

Paint to refinish chalkboard - $21

Artwork for the refrigerator from two very happy kids = priceless

(Oh, a retail for a new Little Tykes dual easel -- $69.99 -- so, still a bargain at it's final cost of $31).

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Kimberly said...

I love it! Kids artwork and their enjoyment is absolutely priceless!