Monday, February 15, 2010

How DId I Get So Far Behind???

I posted this as a status on Facebook today and not surprisingly got the correct answer from Josh's teacher: SNOW DAYS!!! The boy has not been at school a full week since before Christmas. I added it up one day and he'd been to school something like five days in three weeks. AND... surprise, today was a holiday and tomorrow?? You guessed it: another snow day.

Thus, the lack of blog posts. Couple the snow days with Kevin being out of town four days and me trying to get things ready for consignment, find my house, work, deal with a continuing bad case of "Princess-itis" and a twelve-year-old boy who is just B.O.R.E.D. and you get the picture. My house is a wreck; I'm behind at work; I need to file taxes; I need to finish the consignment stuff; I need to start and finish the 2009 (yes, 2009) football books; I have a photo to restore; I need to go see my Grandmother, and on and on the list goes.

Josh has also had a stomach virus (thankfully, only 24 hours) but it caused him to miss his final (tournament) basketball game. They lost by 6 points. I'd like to think they would have won if Josh had been there, but honestly, that's just the mama in me. It could have certainly gone either way. I will miss watching him play basketball. Maybe he'll try out for middle school next year.

I'm pondering looking into whether Ellie might be lactose intolerant. Those of you who are "Constant Readers" might remember that she had to be on soy formula due to her inability to take milk based formula. Lately, we are having lots of sleep issues where she wakes up screaming and passing gas. I'm wondering if it's related to that last milk she has before going to bed. I'm considering switching her to soy milk for a while to see if that makes a difference.

Ellie has certainly begun talking up a storm in the last few weeks. The grandparents are SO happy because she recently said, "MeeMee" and "DeeDee". We haven't seen Nana in a while, but I'm sure she'll say that next time she sees her. She loves to ask, "Is it?" while pointing to something, meaning, "What is it?" When you tell her she says, very matter-of-factly, "Oh." She's putting a few words together occasionally too. This week's new words were BACKPACK (from Dora the Explorer, of course) and BISCUIT. She mimics Josh all the time and I'm certain he's going to teach her some really interesting things!! She loves to poke your "Tickle Button" (belly button) and for you to poke hers so she can giggle. She continues to take her diaper off and go get a new one when she is wet, but hides when she is dirty. She sits on the potty fully clothed or with a diaper, but NOT when it's time to go. I'm sure we are getting closer and we continue to watch videos and talk about the concept of pottying.

I'm preparing for the season of consignment sales. I've dropped off my first batch at a sale starting this weekend. Josh and I are going to work one shift so we can shop the pre-sale early. There is a kitchen I'd like to get Ellie for her birthday if it's still there. Josh has his eye on (another) guitar. We need lessons or to open a guitar store -- either one will do.

I have two other consignment sales that I'm going to take things to as well. I have WAY too many 0-12 month clothes sitting around this house that need to go. Can't imagine why. I have learned a lesson though about moderation in dressing Ellie. *smile*

Josh and Kevin are doing set-up and take down for one of the consignment sales, our favorite, and I'll be working several shifts there during March. I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends from the last sale and seeing all the cute/fun stuff for spring.

Kevin and I are continuing to really enjoy teaching the sixth grade boys and girls Sunday School class at church (which is Josh's class). They are a bit loud and rambunctious, but I am hopeful that we are helping them learn, teaching them to think, exposing them to things of the world and the Bible that they might not know -- from a Biblical perspective -- and giving them opportunities to serve others. This week we made Valentine's baskets for the deacons/pastors to take to area hospital waiting rooms with things like pens, notepads, tissue, candy, books, etc. The kids had great fun doing it. They want to volunteer at an animal shelter next. We had a great conversation about euthanasia and will pets be in heaven this week. Most didn't have a clue what really happens with euthanasia and why it's important to spay/neuter pets. I was a bit intimidated by the pets in heaven question, but answered that MY OPINION was that yes, our pets WILL be in heaven. I think there will be animals there. I'm not so sure that we will know them as our pets, but I think we will be aware of a special connection. But, that's MY OPINION, and that's what I told them. Great dialogue. We are currently studying the miracles of Jesus and trying to help them understand that it's more than just "stories". I'm certainly enjoying them!!

Ellie has passed a milestone this week. We took one of the sides off her crib and turned it into a three-side bed. I've contemplated this bed or a toddler bed and haven't made my mind up yet. I suppose I'll see what kind of deals I find at consignment. I know we will use the headboard from her crib when it's time to convert to a "real" bed, but we are not there yet. I'm surprised that Ellie pretty much stays in her bed at bedtime. When she wants out, she calls out, "Mama!" or cries. I thought she'd just jump out and go play all the time. I took some photos of this big event, but they are somewhere unknown to me right now. Maybe tomorrow??

So much more to "talk" about but I need to get to sleep. I am continuing to pray for the families who are waiting to bring their children home from Kyrgyzstan. There are delegates there right now who have been meeting all week trying to make some headway. My prayers are with each of them.


Kim said...

Wow those snow days are so unusual for TN huh? We are hoping to be moving there and waiting to here about my husband's potential new job soon.
My son showed signs of lactose intolerance at Ellie's age and I used the Lactaid milk. It did seem to help with the gas and fussiness. Soy milk would be good too. My son Drew is not lactose intolerant now so I'm not sure if that was the thing to do but it helped tremendously. Hope she sleeps better for you. She's precious!

Becky said...

If she has problems with cows milk, she will probably have issues with soy too. She was on soy formula, but its different than soy milk. Try almond milk. Thats what we drink here because Al has dairy protein intolerance that presents as bad eczema.
Try starting her on a probiotic (acidophilus). The boys take the strawberry chewable wafers. It takes care of the bad bacteria in the body and replaces it with good.
Cows milk is extremely hard to digest (which is why cows have multiple stomachs, to process their mothers milk), but humans only have one stomach and most of the time the milk isn't digested at all, and people have a hard time with it.
Hope she's better soon!

Jeanne said...

Gabriel can't have any dairy products. He will also have problems with soy at times. Kit has milk allergies, so our main milk is rice milk. It is light and tasty. A probiotic is also a really good idea.

Intolerance of cow's milk is very common among Asian people.