Monday, February 1, 2010

WWE - Royal Rumble 2010

Last night, we hosted seven of Josh's friends for a WWE-Royal Rumble party. I knew it would be fun, but I never figured that some of the kids would get "into" it so much. Here's a photo essay of the night.

We started out with pizza. I was blessed to them FREE from Sams because they forgot to cook them after we had ordered them. Can't beat free, huh?

Ellie loved the Cheetos and attention (someone pull that girls hair out of her eyes!!)

Several kids really "got into" the event and tried to recreate some of the action they were watching on TV.

Half the kids went upstairs to Josh's room where they could do picture in a picture and watch both WWE and the AFC/NFC football game. They eventually came back down toward the end and joined in the fun downstairs.

There was a little horsing around:

Everyone had their favorites and their "not-so-favorites."

But the one thing everyone could agree on: they LOVE John Cena.

Ellie was particularly fond of the John Cena action figure from Josh's cake:

We were all distraught when he didn't win.

All in all, though, I think everyone had a great time!!

This included Ellie who found a new accessory to compliment her Princess crowns. She was seen sneaking off with it at the end of the evening (someone wipe that girl's mouth!).

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