Sunday, February 28, 2010


My kids are so spoiled. Yesterday we went to visit Nana. It's a hour trip and you'd have thought we were going on vacation. Josh took his bed tray table so he could read and work models and Ellie had her DVD player watching The Incredibles. I had to snap a picture of the two of them. "Back in the day" I was happy to have a book and a pillow on a road trip.

Glued to her movie ...

I know Nana was excited to have us up because we haven't seen her for a long time. She cooked the most WONDERFUL meal and we all ate until we thought we would bust: roast, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, lima beans, pinto beans, squash, coleslaw, sweet potatoes, corn bread, biscuits and peach cobbler and ice cream for dessert. YUM!!! Ellie thrilled her by running around and calling her, "Nona" (instead of Nana) constantly. My parents were there too and Ellie was in hog heaven having lots of people to cater to her. Nana, MeeMee, Josh and I got in a couple of fun games of dominoes. I lost both games. Oh well. It was a fun time.

We signed up Josh for baseball yesterday. We think his team will be the Yankees. Prepare to see some cute red/white/blue photos this season!! Ironically, the first team Josh ever played for was the Yankees. We've come full circle, I think.

This is Josh in May 2004 getting the game ball when he played for the Yankees, his first year. [Kirstin, if you are reading this, note you are in the photo in the back -- look how little you were!!] Sweet times!!

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Lori said...

Seriously! I remember my parents throwing all our luggage and me and my brother and sister in the back of our Ford Pinto and driving 6 or so hours down to my grandma's.
Seat belts? Who needs seat belts?


BTW--Marker STILL there. Faint, but there. Get it? BUT(T) there!