Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Permanent Marker Tips

For those of you parents who've ever experienced permanant marker-itis (another disease we are battling around here), I got a very, very handy tip at church on Sunday. Apparently, Susan (the tip giver) and I were the only people in this greater area who did not know that you can remove permanent marker with ALCOHOL.

So, off I headed to pick up a bottle of alcohol to test this theory. RUBBING alcohol. *smile*

Armed with cotton pads and alcohol, I attacked the hot pink Princess chair that had been colored ALL over with BLUE permanent marker. It is a very slow process -- mainly because there is SO much of it -- but it does come out. I suspect all of it might not come out due to the fact that it has set for a while and there's just SO MUCH of it (did I mention there was a lot??).

We have now hidden the permanent markers from both Ellie AND Daddy as this happened on Daddy's watch. *smile* We won't mention what happens on my watch.

I now have two shirts I need to try to tackle cleaning as well.


janiece said...

Even if you hide it, they will still find it. I can't seem to keep markers or pens away from either of the boys. At this point, if they can just stop destroying clothes--I can live with their body "tattoos".

Lori said...

Without delving too much into TMI territory, but just so you know....rubbing alcohol (or any other kind) does NOT take permanent marker off your butt.

Just saying.