Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Ellie STOP IT" ~ Josh

These are the words I'm hearing echoing through the upstairs as Josh yells to tell Ellie to stop her screaming and crying -- it HAS been going on for QUITE some time. Kevin is upstairs "putting her to bed" with the same method we've used since she came home. Except now, she's MOST unhappy about the whole deal.

I do NOT know what's going on with her as of late. She SCREAMS and cries when you put her to bed. She SCREAMS and cries when she wakes up. She SCREAMS and cries if you don't do exactly what she wants/get the right food off the counter/give her the right drink or cup/pick the right movie from the stack (she says NO! to all of them)/come when she pulls your hand to come/go outside ... ok, you get the drift -- basically if you don't do what SHE wants. :-)

And I'm talking TERRIBLE tantrums.

Anyone want to offer advice because we are ALL exhausted with the "scream and cry" method of communication going on with her as of late.
I'm thinking of putting this on her door:

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Jackie said...

wow...I can relate. Especially with the going to bed antics.

Joy :)