Monday, February 1, 2010

2+2+2+2+2+1 = No Food

At one point today, I counted 11 kids either in my house or somewhere in the yard. There were several from the street over, several who slept over, a few who actually lived here and lots of fun and playing at our house today. They were all so good today and I don't think anyone had fights (that I had to referee). But, as you can imagine, the sheer quantity of kids meant that someone was always hungry. When Kevin left this morning, the counter was full of left overs from last night's WWE Royal Rumble event. When he came home this afternoon, the counter was empty. *smile*

This is what my front porch and living room looked like at one point today. I have since cleaned it all up, but it was just one of those moments where you walk through the house, stop and go, "WHOA! What happened here??"

Ellie and I had some sweet time together with her exploring the snow. She sat for a quite a while, picking up the snow, holding it, furrowing her brow, looking at it, dropping it, dusting her hands off and getting another handful. Her "snow boats" were a little big on her and she had some trouble walking in the snow, but she was SO cute (and that's all that matters, right??).

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Mayme said...

Your house resembles mine over the last few days as well. I didn't have as many boys but the ones I did have sure left a lot of clothes laying around!