Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls Who Wear Glasses

What's the old saying about girls who wear glasses? Well, I remember, but I still thought it was a cute title for this little photo shoot of Ellie this afternoon, working on tearing up, errr, trying on her daddy's reading glasses (shhhh.... don't tell her daddy, ok?)

Is the girl a HAM or what??? At least if she needs glasses later on, we know she will be stinking cute with them!!

After tiring (quickly) of the glasses, she moved on to combing her hair then realized that maybe Joshua's hair needed combing.

After tiring (again, quickly) of that activity, she moved on to working the puzzle. This lasted longer (although not much) as she got much enjoyment when the pieces went in where they belonged because we clapped with her. Speaking of clapping, have I mentioned that Ellie HAS to clap after we pray -- every single time. She now reminds us -- all the time -- to "pway" by folding her hands, closing her eyes and saying, "Pway?". One night at bath time, we "pwayed" about 20 times.

And because we have another post placement visit tomorrow, I was trying to get my pictures in order to send to our agency. I was going to try to make a copy of the family photo we had made at Christmas and I took it off the wall. Ellie came running over and had to hold it and "pat pat" everyone's face. Funny!!

I would have LOVED to have had pictures of Josh in this post too (other than his head), but this is the result of my attempts.

I don't know which age is more challenging. I think 42.

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