Saturday, March 27, 2010

All About Ellie - At Two

Not quite there yet, BUT ... it's 12:05 so it's Sunday already and her party is just hours away. I wanted to catch a moment or two to capture some fun things about Ellie at this stage right now before I head off to bed.

  • She is talking and imitating up a storm. I'm amazed every day by the amount of words she says and seems to understand. My favorite thing she says is when I tell her something like, "Daddy's gone to work." or "The sky is blue." or some other random fact. She looks at me and says (very matter-of-factly), "Ohhhhh." as if I've just told her the cure to cancer.
  • I love how when she is fascinated with something these days she covers her mouth with both hands and goes, "WOW".
  • She has learned to make a growling noise. Now anytime she sees anything that might make that noise (including her brother), she growls. Tonight, we were walking into Josh's former elementary school and there was a dragon painted on the wall. She growled at it.
  • She has learned that things have smells. When she sees flowers, she puts them up to her nose to smell them.
  • She likes to pick flowers in the yard and bring them to me -- makes my heart melt and reminds me so much of Joshua at that age.
  • She has learned that dirt is a LOT of fun and really wants to be in the middle of all things that create some sort of dirtiness. Today it was sand and mud. Then, when she's as dirty as she can be, she wants two things: a wipe and to take all her clothes off -- no matter where she is.
  • She has developed her own mind and is glad to share it with you. Before I could just make her breakfast, put it on her plate and on we'd go. NOW, however, she goes to the refrigerator where I call out a list of choices and she says, "No, no, no, no" until I strike a chord with something she might want and she says, "Da." or "Dat"
  • She randomly sings in the back of the car. I can understand the tune to two songs: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and the Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • She has started giving kisses. If you want a kiss from her, she'll offer you her face/cheek/head. If you want a "real" kiss, you have to tell her to "give me some lips" and she puckers up and gets the giggles.
  • She is fantastically in LOVE with Dora, Barney and Rolie Polie Olie -- but mainly Dora. I, however, am growing quite sick of Dora.
  • Just the other day when we were leaving my mom's house, she turned around as she was walking out and said, "C-ya". It was a riot!
  • She's grown/caught up so much in the last six months. She is currently comfortably in 18 months and can wear some 24 months/2T clothes. I think her height and weight are going to be much higher on her chart at her next well visit next week.
  • She regularly grabs some one's hand (whoever she thinks will do what she wants) and says, "C'mon" leading you to what she wants.
  • Just this week, she crammed a DVD into the VCR. Yay. She routinely tells us, "Play! Play!" -- asking us to press the play button for her movie.
  • She continues to do much, much better with her sleeping. About half the time she sleeps all the way through. The other half, she wakes up about 5:30 and wants a drink and will go back to sleep. Sometimes she's back asleep before the drink. We have JUST (no grief, ok?) broken her from her night time bottle. Now, if she gets a drink at bedtime it's a sippy cup and most of the time she doesn't want that. She still takes her paci on occasion, but not nearly as much as before and only at bedtime.
  • She LOVES drinking from straws.
  • She can put her shoes on -- and usually on the right feet. She can take her shoes and socks off by herself (as well as all the rest of her clothes most of the time).
  • She loves to color and draw and dance and climb. I've never seen a kid more adventurous.
  • She loves to slide more than anything and loves being outside a lot!

She is so much fun at this age! I know this will be a fun year! We are so blessed to be her family!

Pictures tomorrow ...

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