Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break -- Let the Painting Begin

It is officially spring break at our house, and true to my word, we are "remodeling" Josh's bedroom. We are painting, installing a closet organizer, got new bedding, a new fan and trying to move out a lot of stuff. I know it has been at least five years since his room was painted, and honestly, it could have been as many as seven. The closet still had the original paint from when it was built in 1992 (18 years ago - wow!!). It is past time, I know.

Today while Ellie was at Dee'Anna's house, we (mostly I) painted his closet, closet doors and room door. Tomorrow, hopefully Kevin and Josh will get the organizer installed so all the things currently sitting in the middle of the floor can be gone through and put back in a (hopefully, organized) closet. Then it's on to the walls.

He wanted to do his room in his school colors. Thankfully middle and high school have the same colors: navy blue, gold/yellow and white. We are painting the back wall navy blue and will stencil the school name in large letters and then the other walls are going to be a lighter yellow. He's really excited about putting up the Fathead of HIM he got at the football awards banquet this year.

We got him a new quilt in navy, white and yellow that will coordinate well. I'm looking forward to seeing how it will turn out.

Here is a "before" photos. It's bad, I'll warn you -- everything from the closet is now sitting in the middle of the floor. *sigh* Stay tuned for an after later on in the week.

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