Sunday, March 7, 2010


February and March are consignment mania for this girl!! I am now on my fourth (and last) consignment sale for spring. Encores and More North started drop-off yesterday and I worked yesterday and today bar-coding items. It's quite busy so the time goes quickly and by volunteering I not only get to shop first, but I earn credit to use at the sale. Can't beat it.

Kevin picked up my "left-overs" from another sale today. I dropped off right at 130 items, not including shoes and came home with about 50, so I'm pleased. I'll re-tag all of those and take them to the E & M with the bottoms dropped out of the prices and hopefully won't bring anything home!!

I've already seen some very cute shoes (my weak spot) at the sale that I want to get.

I'm anxious to start getting the checks from the other three sales. It will be fun to see what I made. :-)

If I can just make it throught the next few weeks, I will be through with consignment for five more months and can get on with moving more stuff out of the house, painting some of our rooms and spending a lot of time at the ballpark. YAY!!

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Mom to 2 Angels said...

I am soooo not on the ball this year, won't bw consigning at encores. Let me know if your friend pass needs a home :)