Monday, March 22, 2010

First Haircut

Last week was spring break and we were busy the entire week. We got to experience another "first" with Ellie on Thursday when we took her for her first haircut. Her hair has been slow to grow but it needed some trimming. Rebecca barely trimmed it all around. We are hoping to let it all grow out and cut it in a bob a bit later. Ellie sat very still on my lap, eating her sucker while she was trimmed up.



(Notice the "boo boo" on her head? She fell out of her big girl bed the other night! OUCH! We now have a bedrail up.)

(Her mullet is now gone.)

I can't believe that next Monday she will be two years old. Where has time gone?? It seems like just a little while back I was picking her up in Kyrgyzstan as a tiny, tiny six and a half month old baby.

After her haircut, we went for another first -- our first trip to Monkey Joe's -- a local bounce place.

The good news is that it is for kids up to 12 so Josh could play with her. I didn't have my good camera as the battery was dead so we made do with some grainy pictures from my work camera.

This picture has bothered me -- my "boy" looks so grown up here. He's slimming up and getting taller and looking closer to a man than a boy. Makes me so, so sad....

This cracks me up. Ellie took the stool that you use to climb up in the bouncy, moved it over to the video game and proceeded to "play". When she was done, she moved it back.

This sums her up: No Fear, I'm Going In ...

Both of them had SUCH a good time. They were both sweaty and red-faced when it was time to leave. Ellie has NO FEAR and climbed right up the big slides and would slide down over and over again. Josh took her through the obstacle course types. She was SO not interested in the "3 and under" set of bounces, preferring the larger (ie., bigger thrill) ones. She is such a mover/climber girl. She fell asleep right after she left. Pardon the hair all in her face, the hairbow wouldn't stay in she was moving so much!


Lori said...

Looks like so much fun!

Jeanne said...

She looks so sweet with her new haircut! That's a handsome young man you've got there, too! I want to know when they will make bouncy houses for adults. I would love to go down a big slide like that!

Rachel said...

We love Monkey Joes!! We actually just went two weeks ago. Cute haircut!

Kimberly said...

LOVE the new "do" and all the pictures! WOW Josh is looking taller and slimmer and more manly! He'll always be your baby boy though :)

Margaret and Tom said...

Is she really going to be 2??? Can't be... Love the haircut! Her hair looks to be very similar to MIlana's. I can't believe E will do that big slide at Monkey Joes, what a brave girl, Milana has been there and wouldn't go near even some of the small bouncers :)