Monday, March 15, 2010

Consignment Finds - Part II

These are some photos of my recent "finds" at the Encores and More sale.

Ellie got a Dora the Explorer VW bug ... can you tell she's in heaven? Now, granted, all she wants to DO is sit in it. If she pushes on the gas and it moves, she wants out. Maybe by summer's end.

Here is Josh's most recent find -- a WWE championship belt. I think he was in as much heaven as Ellie!!

And the Dora the Explorer overalls that Dee'Anna found. I have tried them on Ellie and they fit perfectly. They will be her two-year-old party attire. So cute!!

And one of my FAVORITES -- which is technically not a consignment sale find -- is Ellie's new Maggie Moo's Mom Bunny shirt, "R is for Rabbit" for Easter. Don't you love the attention to detail? Visit her site for other great designs. She does fantastic work!! She does a boy bunny with a bow tie. CUTE!!

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