Friday, March 12, 2010

Consignment Finds

Last night was the worker pre-sale at Encores and More North's consignment sale. I understand there are around 850 consignors. The amount of "stuff" was incredible. I was just exhausted after going through so much of it, but walked away with some really cute, cute stuff.

Josh was able to work this year (working set up and take down) and earned some credit to spend at the sale. Today, he got out and enjoyed the HUGE (yes, really HUGE) remote control car he bought with his credit. Is this car huge??? It was NEW in the box.

Afterward, he was an AWESOME, AWESOME big brother and put together Ellie's trike. I saw the same one at Wal-mart for $25 and I got this one new in the box for $12. Poor Ellie's legs aren't long enough for her feet to touch the pedals yet so she just pushes herself around on it. We haven't put the "Barbie" stickers on it yet. I might -- or I might not. I could get some Dora stickers and she'd really be in

After Josh got done, Ellie decided it needed some "adjustments" and I caught her doing this:

And speaking of "Dora", here is Ellie checking out her $2 musical jewelry box. She thinks it's pretty cool and has decided to store her crayons in it.

Dee'Anna found the ABSOLUTE CUTEST EVER custom-made Dora overalls at the sale (for only $8). We were concerned they might be too big, but I think they are going to fit perfectly. I think we MIGHT just let her wear those for her birthday party. I'll get a picture of them very soon. They are just TOO TOO cute.

The running joke between Dee'Anna and I was who had bought the most shoes from the sale. I think final total, she ended up with 22 pair (for three kids) and I ended up with 8-10 pairs (for one). It was just a riot! Ellie should be happy, though, as she got three new pair of squeaky shoes: red, white and blue pairs. That girl LOVES her squeaky shoes!! And at $6 a pair, her mama likes them too!!

More cute consignment finds as I get time to take pix!!

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