Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ellie's "New" Room

Since she is coming quickly up on her two year birthday, we decided it was time to update Ellie's room to a "big girl" room. Fortunately, my dear friend Susan had just gotten a new bedroom set for her daughter Katie and was so kind to give us Katie's former bed and dresser.

I found cute bedding to match the colors of her room and we set it all up. We have a few minor repairs to make to the spindles on the bed and a wee bit of touch up to do on some of the paint, but overall it's in really good shape!! Ellie seems to really like it!! She looks like a peanut in a pond in it, she is so small.

And, for her birthday, I found her the cutest Disney TV/DVD combo at consignment for a fraction of the cost of retail. We put it in her room today so we can't wait to see her reaction this afternoon. Of course, I'm sure it will only play Dora movies!! *smile*

And the best consignment deal so far: this cute little set of Dora steps. I had priced some very similar at Home Goods for $24.99 but just couldn't bring myself to pay that for steps. Imagine my EXCITEMENT when I found these (Dora, no less!) at the sale for $3!!! They are very helpful for her getting in and out of bed and she learned to maneuver them very quickly last night.

Spring break is in less than two weeks and Josh and I are going to do a makeover on his room then. Stay tuned for pictures of his new "cool-to-be" room!

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Jackie said...

So very sweet!! And what a great deal on those Dora steps. I have never seen any like that. Are you using a bed rail on the bed?