Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Some days I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. Most of the time I do both.

Every day I'm thankful for wood floors. Seriously.

It would seem that it would be better if I could tell this story and say that I just wasn't in the room with Ellie when she did this. But... she likes to come in the bathroom with me and sit on her potty (fully clothed no less). I was reading Josh's sports magazine (yeah, probably TMI here, but, required for the story). It was a short article -- one page.

Ellie was playing quietly with something, but honestly, I didn't look. I guess I should have. When I did look, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry -- I did neither, I just watched and wondered how long it would take to clean up ... and then got the camera.

After her potty powder time, she decided to draw on her chalkboard. Since she had already painted her face and hands hot pink with glass marker earlier, I figured a little chalk might help tone down the leftovers of that. Girl is so curious and into everything.


Kelli said...

I wish on a daily basis I had hardwood floors...between the cat and Aiden, I can't keep up.

Jamie said...

Wow- Ellie and Kenzie really are two peas in a pod. That is EXACTLY the type of thing she does to me on a daily basis. Keep your sense of humor about it, or you will go crazy! ;)