Monday, July 26, 2010

Bye Bye Kitchen!

Today as we were dropping our items off for consignment, I had both Ellie and Josh with me. In a perfect world, I would have done that by myself, but fortunately, both were very good and Josh was a big help with getting the stuff in.

I warned Josh on the way in, "She's going to cry when we leave." I knew there would be a lot of toys there and I honestly envisioned the worst.

After checking in our items, we were walking out and that was where all the toys were. I let Ellie go over to look at a few of them and she was drawn to a little kitchen -- something like a Fisher Price/Little Tykes hard plastic all in one kitchen. It had a microwave door that she was fascinated with opening and shutting. Finally, when I told her it was time to leave, I got our standard two-year-old reply, "I NOT WANT IT". Well, I picked her up and we left and she was a little pouty but it wasn't the all out scream festival I had expected.

However, on the way home, she indicated she wanted the kitchen. I told her she already had a Dora kitchen and she said, "I want it." I told her that if she wanted a new kitchen she had to sell her Dora kitchen. I asked her again if she wanted the other kitchen. "Yes." Do you want to get rid of your Dora kitchen? "Yes." Do you know that means that the Dora kitchen will go bye-bye? "Bye-bye Dora kitchen." Hmmmm...

When we got home, she walked over to her Dora kitchen and said, "Bye Bye Dora kitchen" and patted it. When she came home later from Josh's football practice it was the same, "Bye bye Dora kitchen."

I suspect I will have to see if I can find that kitchen tomorrow at the consignment sale. And then, "Bye bye Dora kitchen." Since I only paid $15 for it, I'm sure I can sell it for the same price and not be out anything. Anyone interested in a very slightly used Dora kitchen?

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