Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hello New Kitchen!

Ellie got her "new" (to her) kitchen. The kitchen she saw at the sale was $25. I found another one almost just like it for $10. I have found that at age two, they 1) don't remember, and 2) don't care which one they want/have.

When I brought it home, she was SO excited! She got Joshua to help her untape it and they got all (yes, ALL) her dishes, pans, etc. out to play with it. She jumped up and down when she found out that the stove made a "cooking" noise.

She has been "cooking up a storm":

Honestly, it truly is a $10 kitchen set. The front door has some issues staying closed. It's made of a thin type of plastic. But, Ellie could care less. The great part? When she gets tired of it, I can easily sell it for $10 again and get a new one.

The Dora kitchen is on her way to the Encores sale next week.

In addition, I found a bag of musical instruments/toys for $6. It had a tambourine, maracas, bells and some shaking toys and Ellie loves all of them. I knew she would. She is so musical/artistic. At one point she had the bells on her arms and feet and was shaking the tambourine. I think these will be well worth their money.

(Yes, I cleaned them!)

Josh got some collectible comic books -- 3 packs (of 4 in each pack) for $2 each. He sent me back for more. He loves them and says they are "collectibles". I was glad I could find something he would be interested in so he wouldn't feel left out.

For those interested in what Josh looks like after football practice (and after putting together/taking apart her kitchen), here you go:

I got some really cute outfits today from Dee'Anna. We thought it was funny that I kept buying her outfits at consignment (unknown to me until Ellie wore them) so we decided to circumvent the process and just let me buy them directly from her this time.

One more sale and I'm done. I'll post more pix of my find at the Once Around the Block sale in a later post.

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