Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Consignment Finds

I'm seriously thinking that Once Around the Block Kids (OABK) might be a contender for my top two favorite consignment sales in Middle Tennessee. I would have formerly said the Encores South and Encores North. Now, I'm bumping the south sale and promoting OABK -- for several reasons. The prices are incredible. I can get so much for my money. The process is less stressful than at the South sale. There is air and there is good lighting -- two things sorely missing from the south sale this year. Now, granted, Encores North is still holding the number one place in my book for quality, selection and location.

Now, on to the "finds" from the OABK sale.

Let me just say the find of the sale almost had me jumping and screaming. I'm not sure how I lucked onto it other than the fact that I worked a shift so I could shop an hour earlier than the consignors. Next year I'm going to try to work two shifts there so I can shop two hours earlier. I needed just a little more time before the consignors hit in full force. Anyway, I digress. Background: Melissa Lewis posted about a Matilda Jane sale a few days ago. While there were a few things I really liked, I couldn't begin to bring myself to think about paying *gasp* retail so I passed. Outfits were still expensive even with the 40% off. I almost fainted when I found the dress and ruffle pants for EIGHT.DOLLARS at the consignment sale.

Now, my mama is going to say this outfit is "frumpy" when she sees the picture. I already know. Honestly, I was less than excited about the colors at first -- thinking them drab. Then I took them home and tried them on Ellie and HOLY.COW they were exquisite and beautiful and she was adorable!!! I was certainly hooked. I'll get a picture of her in this soon. In the meantime, here it is hanging. My feelings aren't hurt if you aren't in love with it -- I wasn't either until I put it on her.

I'm glad I took the chance.

Someone at the football park saw this outfit and asked if I was "really" going to "subject" Ellie to wearing this. Kelly's Kids - $5? Absolutely. She'll probably go see Santa in it with a huge matching hairbow and turtleneck. She can hate me later and talk about it in therapy in years to come. *big smile*

I think this Gap outfit will be her Thanksgiving outfit.

This LeTop dress and matching tights was $7. I like to doggy motif and the blue/brown combination.

I'll admit it. I think I got this shirt more for me than for Ellie. I remember playing with Raggedy Ann/Andy growing up. It was nostalgic for me. It was $1 for the shirt and $2 for the skirt. It pulled me in. I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

Then I found ANOTHER one of those CocoBonBons outfits -- new with tags and was just sucked right back in to that, "I LOVE IT" mode. I think the jacket is too big for Ellie. I'm thinking she either might grow into it this season or it will carry over into next season. Either way.

Apparently someone either hated this dress or just wanted rid of it. Old Navy pink/grey sweater dress -- $1.

Cute little Strasburg jumper and shirt. I like the color.

Another CocoBonBons dress that I paired with a pair of leggings I found. Dress $3, leggings, $1.

I love this little school girl looking outfit with the sweater, shirt and jeans. Sweater and jeans - $4. Shirt - $1. I love the matching details of the sweater and jeans.

This new with tags CocoBonBons dress was $5. Ellie can wear it now and I think she'll be adorable in it.

I got this cute little Christmas dress from Dee'Anna. Addie never wore it. Isn't it cute?

I found this cute little furry Children's Place coat for $7. I think it's sweet. I'm sure it won't stay this color. *sigh*

And finally, how about some shoes. Have you all priced toddler shoes lately in retail stores? Just regular Circo/Target brand shoes are $12.99/$14.99 a pair. At that price, two or three pair is all we get for the season. At $3/$4 a pair, we can have lots more!! Check out these sweet shoes. My Ellie is shoe fanatic. She LOVES her shoes and wears three or four pair a day. We keep them in a drawer she can reach so she can wear them as often as she wants. She is in love with the pink patent penny loafers.

And, I know these are blue (aka boys), but Ellie needed snow boots and I wanted inexpensive. $4 is great. The kids in the neighborhood don't care what color she has -- just that she can come out and play in the snow!

I envied these shoes when Dee'Anna bought them last sale. Since they were too big, I knew Ellie couldn't wear them anyway, but I loved them. I was so excited when they were in the pile of things she let me shop from today.

One more sale and I'm DONE for the winter season. I still need to find a snow suit, another Halloween outfit, maybe one more Christmas outfit that is less dressy and more play wear and that's about it. I am concerned that I've bought clothing too big for Ellie. She's so small and hasn't grown in forever so I'm thinking we should hit a "spurt" soon. She's currently comfortably in 18 months. Most of the clothes I bought were 2T. Of course, it will be three-four months before she'll wear any of it.

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Lori said...

SO jealous of sweet girl's wardrobe!!!!! I swear, one of these days, I'm coming to those sales!!!! AMAZING!