Saturday, July 3, 2010

Father's Day

Going back to Father's Day ... since I just found the memory card that had the pictures on it.

I wanted to make a picture of the kiddos for Kevin and my dad for Father's Day. We went outside and tried and tried to get one of the two of them that was super cute. Finally, after a LONG time, I decided to "make do" and went with the first one below. I love Ellie's bandana. Kevin got a new phone for Father's Day (since he'd lost his), an LG Ally, an android that I'm super jealous of. We have another phone due for upgrade in January, so I'm holding out for the IPhone that Verizon is getting. I'm hoping that after Christmas they will have a good deal on it. We took Kevin to Cracker Barrel on Friday night of Father's Day weekend and gave him his goodies. I tried to take pictures with the new phone, but it was just too dark in there and they didn't turn out. Ellie was a RIOT with the present. She wanted to carry the bag, give it to Kevin and insisted on helping him take it all out of the bag. Josh and I were just ready to eat!!

Check out the look on Ellie's face.

Ellie apparently didn't want any "lips" (aka: kisses)

A nice one of Josh:

Give the girl and stick and she's happy.

After looking at the pictures, I'm in a funk because I can't edit them. I got a new laptop and I haven't got the software (from my mom's house) yet to edit and I ALWAYS edit my photos for brightness/levels/etc. Hopefully, I'll get by there this weekend and get the software!

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