Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ellie's First Carnival Ride

Tonight we went to a carnival in a neighboring town, Summerfest, and Ellie got to ride her first carnival ride.

I had no plans whatsoever to let her ride, but one of Josh's former baseball coaches saw us and just kept asking Ellie, "Don't you want to ride a ride?" and then she wouldn't stop. We caved and let her ride the "boat" ride. I was so afraid she was going to get in there, start screaming/crying, try to get out, fall out and be hurt. I talked to her a long time about what would happen and how she had to stay seated and did she really want to do this. She said, "Ride!" so off we went.

She did really well. I wish I'd had my camera, but all we had was the cell phone, so I'm glad we got these. I'm proud to report she sat the entire ride (never taking her hand off the steering wheel!) and never cried one time.

Josh only found ONE ride that he wanted to ride, but I think it was because we went on a spur of the moment and didn't take a friend with him to ride. Better planning for the fair come August, I think!

There was also a fireworks show and I got a cute picture of the three of them, but, alas, it's on Josh's phone. Since it's nearly 1 a.m., I don't DARE wake him up to get it.
After a long day, with a friend's retirement party and then the trip to Summerfest, Ellie passed out on the way home. Josh and I (I just heard him drop something upstairs) are still up and wired. Kevin is snoring away on the couch. It's been a full day!!

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