Saturday, July 17, 2010

Professional -- haha!

I got an email from my mom a little bit ago saying that I was now a "professional" photographer because I got paid to do a job. HAHAHA. Struck me as funny.

I agreed to do a friend's wedding photos. I told her it was her gift. She still insisted on paying me -- so now I'm professional. OH.SO.FAR.FROM.IT.

I might not be able to take a professional photo, but I can certainly edit it to where it looks like one! :-)

Kevin, Josh (and Ellie??) and I got everything ready to haul off to the first consignment sale tomorrow. I'm glad to have it moving out of the house. After seeing the room it freed up, I'm going to be hard pressed to buy anything at the sale. :-) Famous last words.

Here's are two really cute photos of the bride and groom from today's "professional" shoot. HAHA. Still laughing over that one, mama!!

Congratulations to A. and B. on their wedding!

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Jeanne said...

Sweet--I love the black and white one.