Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hear No Evil, et al.

We have an above ground pool behind the house. This year we had GREAT PLANS for getting it running early so the kids would have a pool to play in. We filled it up -- twice -- and it leaked out -- twice. Apparently, there is a hole somewhere in our liner. Because we were so crazy busy, we gave up on that project and decided to wait to replace the liner in the fall or very early spring next year.

In the mean time, we've had visitors move in out back. I've come to fondly call them, "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Do No Evil" or Hear, See, Speak and Do for short. When the pool was full, they would sit on the edge of the pool and hop in if someone came by. Then, as the pool started to go down, they'd sit on the steps -- descending a step with each inch lost. Finally, the pool stopped, luckily for them, just at the bottom rung. They are out there in mass or in various combinations pretty much all the time. I did manage to sneak out one day with my long lens and get a few pictures of them. They crack me up. Of course, I am amused by the craziest things.

And, as an aside: does anyone know if the markers they use to verify if a large bill is counterfeit leaves a permanent mark on the bill or if it fades. So, here's why I'm asking. I had a bill marked at the store the other day and there were no other marks on it. It was not a new bill and so it got me to thinking about this. I've asked several cashiers and several stores and they all seem to think it stays on the bill, but honestly, I can't say I've ever noticed it on the (two-haha) few bills I've had that were marked.

Back to the story at hand. Here is a picture of Hear, See, Speak and Do -- doing what they do best -- nothing. Please ignore our pond water. Why clear it up when it all has to come out? *sigh*

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Kelli said...

Made me smile- Aiden's favorite thing to do when we first get to the pool in the morning is check the filters for frogs- our frogs here aren't smart enough to stay on the steps. Sometimes they make it, more often they don't!