Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Cousins Come for a Visit

Josh LOVES when his cousins come for a visit, and now that she's older, so does Ellie. Steve and Angie and the girls are here for the holiday weekend. Last night, the kids got to play at the park near Nana's house in Kentucky. Kevin took the pictures (and remember, I have NO photo editor right now so I can't crop/edit/anything!!).

I remember having a picture of us playing at Steve and Angie's with Dani when she was about this age. She was also in the swings and we were swinging with her. She was about three -- now she's 16. Where does the time go????

Look at the look on Ellie's face!

Lauren and Josh were born six weeks apart and everytime they are together they are INSEPARABLE. Lauren spent the night last night. Here they are "skateboarding"


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