Monday, July 26, 2010

Photobucket Error - Help Needed

I don't typically use Photobucket. I remember why now. I have this horrible message scrolling on my blog telling me that a photo has been deleted or moved. I can't figure out WHAT it might be. The only things I had on my blog that were in Photobucket were the Virtual Consignment pictures of Ellie's clothes. I deleted that post in hopes it would get rid of the error message. No go. I know I have linked to a friend's pictures that are on photobucket, but I just did that today and the message was there before.

Anyone have any tips?? Help is certainly appreciated. This message box HAS to go away. It's driving me crazy.

UPDATE: Thanks to Andrea, I now know what was wrong with my blog. Apparently there was an issue with the background I use from over at The Cutest Blog on the Block. I've made a temporary change until I can do a blog overhaul, so bear with me if it's hard to read for a few days. I promise I'll fix it.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Did you use anything to design your blog from The Cutest Blog on the Block? Their backgrounds and stuff exceeded their limit and those error messages were showing up. I had a message to delete mine or change backgrounds or it would disappear.

Lori said...

Yeah...I got the pop-up message too but by the time I saw it, they'd already had all the old backgrounds (mine included!) on their new server and I just changed that so I didn't have to do any other work. I'm lazy.

L. A. Z. Y.

With heavy emphasis on the LAZ!

dkuroiwa said...

hi maria...i'm completely new to your blog and will definitely come back and read later....after I get MY problem with the photobucket message on MY blog!! a friend directed me to you....(how much am i loving my internet friends right now!).
am wondering if just changing your background fixed the floating message? did you have to do anything else?
if you have the time, i'd love the advice...thanks so much!
debbie in japan