Monday, July 26, 2010

Consignment Sale Finds

I've been wrapped up in consignment the last week or so -- getting things ready, tagged, dropped off, working the sale, shopping and then repeat process as the second sale starts today. There is one more in another week and then I will be D.O.N.E. and Ellie will (hopefully) be set for fall/winter season.

This is what it has looked like at our house for several weeks now. Jordan (our friend) asked me if we had moved Ellie's closet downstairs. *smile*

By working, I managed to snag some really good deals on some really cute things for her. I think, had I not worked, there is no way I would have gotten Gymboree complete outfits for $3 and $4. I think they certainly would have been snagged up!

Here are Ellie's new HOT PINK cowgirl boots. She loves them -- not as much as her hot pink patent penny loafers, but still ... quite a bit. $6

I call this Ellie's "Mink Stole". When I saw it I just KNEW she would be adorable in it, especially around Christmas. $5

In fact, I think it will look lovely with this sweet little find. $7

Honestly, I don't remember what I paid for this sweet little number, but it yelled, "Take Me Home" so loudly that it didn't matter. I think it was $7-$8. Can you just not SEE Ellie in this?? Apparently, there will be quite a bit of animal print in her fall future as you'll see coming up.

Splurged a little on this dress for Christmas. It was certainly worth the $10 I paid for it as it has sweet little red pearls all over it and a lace lattice design at the bottom. ADORABLE!!

Another outfit that just said Ellie all over it -- purses and animal print. I know there is a hairbow to match in the future for this outfit.

This Hanna Andersson sweater dress was such a bargain at $10. It retails for around $52. I found the matching tights on ebay and have those already on the way. This little number was not hurt at all and I was happy to find it!

This was my true splurge for the sale. I fell immediately in love with this outfit and would have left the store with only this and been happy. $25 for the skirt, shirt and matching tights. I LOVE CocoBonBons. I'm sad that the local store at Opry Mills is closed until the mall finishes its clean-up/remodel from the flooding back in May. Projections are the mall won't be open again until next spring -- ARGH!!!

Bargain of the sale? Christmas PJs -- $1. Look like they were never worn.

Another sale bargain is this new with tags Gymboree jumper for $3. Unbelievable!

Perfect for my little "elf-sized" Princess is this outfit from Gymboree. I think it was $3 or $4.

One of my $3 Gymboree finds was this zebra shirt and leggings. I found a matching hairbow for $4 (yes, more than the outfit!) that Ellie LOVES and wants to wear all the time.

Gymboree shirt and jeans - $4

Another Gymboree outfit for $4.

Fun Halloween outfit.

More $1 pjs -- this time Gymboree.

A couple of mix/match Gymboree outfits from their candy line that were really inexpensive:

Found these two pieces separately, but got the shirt for $1 and the leggings for $2. Both were Gymboree and new with tags.

I love how soft the flannel is on Sweet Potatoes dresses. I found two at this sale. This one was $8 and the other one I found was $7. I love them both.

And one last Gymboree outfit. Ellie LOVES cats!

Got this LeTop outfit for $7 and thought it would be really "cute" for Ellie going to "school" this year (aka preschool).


Lori said...

Seriously. Your consignment finds are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!! I see a trip out there in my future very soon!!!!!

Melissa said...

How come I never find such cute consignment sale stuff?