Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas with Grandmother

Saturday morning, Grandmother's nursing home had their annual Christmas breakfast. We all have tried to go each year, and we were glad that all of us were able to go this year. Grandmother is 82 now. She looks great to be 82, doesn't she? I hope I look this good when I'm 82 -- gosh, I hope I SEE 82. :-)

Santa made his usual appearance, and much as I suspected, Ellie was not quite fond of the man in the red suit, aka, the giver of toys. It's the age, I know, and I think it's pretty sweet. Santa was very gracious and made sure we included Josh in a picture too. Look at Josh's eyes -- priceless!!!
Santa made sure to check out the wish list for the residents as well. Wonder what Grandmother told him she wanted?

MeeMee adn Ellie. Ellie LOVES MeeMee's earrings and loves to take them off and put them on her ears. I wish I had a picture of it -- it's a riot. She puts them on and then slings her head around so they will jingle about.

I love this picture of my [often moody] tweener. He is so handsome.

We all had a nice time and a good breakfast with Grandmother and Santa.

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