Monday, December 14, 2009

Girl's Night Out -- Christmas Gathering

The girls got together (sans Dawn who blew us off for a Titans game which we will rag her about for years to come) Sunday afternoon to celebrate Christmas. Josh and Ellie attended with me as we had a church function right afterwards. Josh deemed the girls "scary" and "freaky". Not sure why -- maybe the photos will give us a clue??

These two are Twilight freaks -- um, fans, so it seemed only fair that they get Twilight chocolates.
The plate says, "Girls like girls night out." Perfect (if I did buy it myself - ha!).

Another "freaky" Twilight photo. Not the fan, just the photo. :-)

You'll remember "Aunty Jennifer" who travelled to K'stan to pick up Ellie with me. Here's a sweet reunion some fourteen months later.

I think Josh probably thinks his mom is the "freakiest" of all. He did a sweet job of taking pictures for me though!!

As always, there was a whole lot of laughter.

Ellie spent a lot of time "talking" to Casey the dog and wanting someone to take her outside to play with Percy and Casey (the dogs). See Casey in the bottom left part of the picture?

And the one who called us "freaky" and "scary" -- this was his pose most of the night. :0

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