Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In Memory of Matthew

Many of you who knew John and Lori Ennis, whether in person or virtually, are feeling the immense pain and sadness in the passing of their sweet miracle baby Matthew on November 29, 2009. Many have struggled to find a tangible way to help.

To that end, John and Lori have provided alternatives to flowers in order to create a lasting legacy for Matthew's life.

Many are you are aware that recently I participated in a "Pie in the face Christmas Challenge" to raise funds for children in Kyrgyzstan to have Christmas. John Wright is the individual who was coordinating that effort. Because John and Lori have a heart for the children of Kyrgyzstan as well, one of the requests is for individuals to make a donation to help fund an EKG machine for the baby hospital in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This is the hospital where unwanted babies are taken. Imagine the juxtaposition of a baby who was so wanted, so longed for and these children. There are only two EKG machines in the city so this is truly a need for those children.

To donate to this worthy endeavor visit John's site to donate by Paypal OR make check payable to:
Society of Cornelius
Memo: orphan account .EKG
and send them to:
Possibilities International, Suite 253525
Highland Road
WestKitchener, Ontario
N2M 5P4

Another option John and Lori have provided is to donate to Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Do not visit this site without tissues because it opened my eyes to a cause that would certainly be dear to my heart: photography. However, this is a service provided for families whose children pass away. The image shown on Lori's blog was taken by a photographer from this organization. It is a service I never knew existed, but, MY! what a ministry. What a way to provide something for families that they never might know they would want -- until much, much later. How beautiful their photos and how lovingly they are created. I've cried through the entire site (and I think I've read it all). To donate to this organization, click here. Enter John Matthew Ennis' name, along with John and Lori's name in the comments section.

Please consider one of these two options if you were looking for something to do in Matthew's honor. It's a way to ensure that his memory can be honored.


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