Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yeah, yeah, I know.....

I'm blog slacking.

I've been sick. Kevin got sick. Ellie got sick and now .... (who wants to guess)??? Josh got sick. I suspect all of it started out viral-ish, but after a few days it set up residence in all our sinuses and got nasty. We are now ALL FOUR on antibiotics. Yay.

I have to brag a little. It's the small things in life that sometimes keep me going. And this is pretty small, but HUGE to me. Our living room was being taken over. Forget "was" -- it had certainly been taken over. Every flat surface was covered with a movie (DVD or VHS), a book, a video game, a video game controller, a toy. UGH. I was about to lose my mind. And then, along came a five-shelf bookcase. Oh, the JOYS of being able to see the floor, the TV stand, the end table and the surround sound speaker box -- none of which I really knew existed up until this afternoon. I function better when things are clean. I think better; I'm in a better mood. I can't think of anything that's made me as happy as this bookshelf in forever.

Now, on to some fun stuff -- Ellie playing. See if you can figure what has made her so happy while she's eating her bedtime/after bath snack.
Is it the princess on her gown? No.
Is it being tickled by Josh? No.
Wait .... what's she looking at?
Is that something in her hands?
Yep! She's feeding Bear. While I was doing something else I'd see her drop something on the floor. She'd cut her eyes over at me and when I'd sternly [very fake] say, "Ellie Latham, you better not feed the doggy" she'd cackle like in the first picture and do it again. This went on until there was nothing left on her plate. The dog was OH.SO.HAPPY.
And, I just liked this picture of her. :-)


Mom to 2 Angels said...

Her hair getting so long, at least it looks that way in the pictures! Love that laugh :)

Anonymous said...

Lucky to u........................................