Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

From the absence of posts, one might be able to tell that I've been a bit crazy lately. I've battled some kind of funk for well over a month and at my mother's insistence, I went to the doctor on Tuesday where I got a SHOT (yuck) and a lot of medicine and am pleased to report that I am feeling better (sans a cough still).

We've been crazy busy getting ready for Christmas, making presents, cleaning the house and making sure "Santa" is covered.

Last night we went to my parent's house and opened presents. We had SUCH a good time. Of course, when I got there, I realized I had brought the camera battery and charger, but the WRONG charger. My mom took pictures and I'll post some of those later.

I made my dad the coolest video of his life. I think he liked it. It made me cry. It made my mama cry. It's a good year when people cry over a present. :-)

Our favorite gifts from mama/daddy, MeeMee/DeeDee were a Eden Pure Infrared Heater, guaranteed to lower our electric bill 10-25%. It is so safe is what sold me on it. It never reaches a temperature where it can start a fire. Kids and pets can touch it anywhere and never get burned. Pets actually can LAY on it and not be hurt. It heats evenly from floor to ceiling. It also does not reduce humidity or oxygen in your home like other heat sources can. Can't wait to see the results on the heating bill. I'm cutting the heat down to 65 and cutting up the heater and we'll see how it works!!

Josh's favorite gift was his race track and cars along with a Wii organizer. He is currently playing with it and has been most of the day! Ellie's favorite gift was her stacking rings and doctor's kit. The funny thing is she cannot STAND to have the doctor's equipment in the case. The case can be empty and she's happy, but if you put the things back in it, she gets mad and takes them all back out. It's funny.

Mom made the MOST AWESOME coconut cake for my birthday. In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to go get some of the leftovers in the fridge!! YUM!!

Josh helped us set up Ellie's dollhouse last night. He was so excited to get to help, and he was a great big help. He put it all together and put all the furniture in it. It's bigger than I thought it was.

Kevin and I got all things Christmas ready and then spent a few minutes on Facebook before going to bed. I've been so amazed at all the sweet birthday messages I've gotten from friends and family on Facebook. Very cool!!

I told Josh to set his alarm and that he could go downstairs at 6:00 a.m. Turns out Ellie woke up around then, but Kevin gave her a bottle and they fell back asleep on the couch. She never even saw the Santa stuff. Josh woke me up at 7:40 (whoo hooo!!!! certainly beats the 4 and am starts he used to have!!) and we went downstairs to see what "Santa" brought.

Josh did well getting a mini-laptop (that I'm currently using), a digital camera, multiple video games, lots of clothes from Aeropostale, cologne, spy gear, a couple of model cars, a Rummikube game (in honor of the Lajoys who make it seem like fun!!), an automatic airsoft gun, movies, books, some UnderArmour, winter Crocs, socks and underwear (yeah, he was really happy with those!!), a TON of mechanical pencils (he seems to go through a pack a week at school) and
couple of gift cards. He did well, ridiculously well.
Here's Josh in his Snuggly checking out his laptop.
Agent 007 Latham and his SpyGear.

Ellie was so funny when she woke up and saw the dollhouse. She just stared, pointed and went, "Ohhhh". Then she saw other stuff and started pointing at those as well. She got her Loving Family dollhouse with furniture, two or three baby dolls, including one to play in the tub with, several musical books, lots of artsy type toys (coloring books, crayons, stickers, color wonder sets, etc.), a Dora guitar (one of the favs for her), Dora pajamas (which she made us take off her other pjs and put these on immediately), Elmo house shoes and socks, a Mrs. Potato Head, bath toys, a leap frog touch learning system, a leap frog Violet bear, a tea set, a Dora toothbrush set, some Signing Time DVDs, lip gloss (another favorite for her!!) -- and a bunch of other stuff I can't even think of right off. I know it looked like a toy store exploded by the time we got all the boxes opened and toys were everywhere.
Look --> "oooohhhh" Barely awake.
Checking out her dollhouse with help from Josh.
Overwhelmed -- both of them.
Putting on her lip balm...
And then she found the "cangi". Uggg... we had to hide it all as she just poked it all in her mouth. She certainly has a sweet tooth.
Kevin connects with his inner Hannah Montana with some of Ellie's "hair". That's my man!!
Playing puzzle.
With her Dora toothbrush set.
With her Dora guitar -- the hit of the day!

Ellie is off now to take a nap -- an idea I think is sounding really good right about now. I see large chunks of snowflakes falling and the blowing outside, but not sticking. Josh is playing one of his video games. Kevin is probably about to fall asleep upstairs with Ellie. It's been a good Christmas and a good birthday. We are very blessed!

And somewhere, on the other side of the world, God has put together another family as the LaJoy's celebrate Christmas. God is truly good.
Merry Christmas, but mostly importantly -- Happy Birthday, Jesus; I'm so glad you came.


Lindsey Carney said...

I love the one of her putting on the lipstick. And if Hudson hadn't of been falling asleep on my while I was reading this, I would have laughed out loud at Kevin and his hair!

Happy Birthday!

Lori said...

Glad you are feeling a bit happy to call you friend!

sec. word? karenc as in, "Karen C? I thought this was Maria's blog?"

I know, not up to par, really, but I'm taking baby steps these days...

Mom to 2 Angels said...

We love Rummikub, too! We even bought 2 sets to have enough for the whole family to play at once. It gets pretty crazy. It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas and birthday. The coconut cake sounds yummy!

Jackie said...

So happy to read about your xmas!! Nola got the same dollhouse, but sadly it is missing about 20 pieces and has to be exchanged. Strange since the box was completely sealed, but many other things distracted her ;)

Glad you're feeling better!!!

Hilary Marquis said...

I love Ellie with her "make up"! Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas and that you are on the mend :)

Kimberly said...

Love the pictures! Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday Maria! :)