Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's That? A Hat?

We like watching Wizards of Waverly Place. If you watch, you know the song, "What's that? A hat. A funky, monkey, junky hat. Overslept, hair unsightly. Trying to look like Kiera Knightly. We've been there; we've done that; we see right through your funky hat."

Well, Ellie now has the cutest little "funky" hat, courtesy of Becky over at the Etsy store: Just Plain Becky. Her sweet friend, Hotdog has the matching, but reverse colors, hat (shhhh!! don't tell her in case she hasn't gotten it yet). I can't WAIT to see them wearing their hats together!! Check out Becky's store where you can get one customized for your sweetie. Your purchase helps bring home the little girl they want to adopt!!

So, here are some pix of Ellie in her "Funky Hat" You can't really see the cool pink flowers on the side -- we were lucky to get pictures at all!! Miss Ellie is developing a real mind of her own about things!!


The Barrios Family said...

Okay, we watch Wizards of Waverly Place and I love that song!!! It makes me laugh everytime I hear it. Emily gets so mad when I sing along, because of course I'm too old to sing it! HA!

Allison said...

Ha!! We got ours in the mail this weekend and I couldn't figure out who in the world sent it?!?! It's been driving me crazy! I should have known it was you. HD's hat is super-cute and she has been wearing it 24-7. We have got to get those two together soon with their hats!!

Becky said...

Its SO cute on her! The flower goes on her left... it may fit her face better that way since the earflaps are more towards the back.

She's too cute! <3

Jeanne said...