Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Full Day of Fun!!

I snapped a few pictures of Ellie after I got her ready to go see Santa. We had several errands to run today and she was certainly a hit in her Santa outfit. She was particularly personable today, waving at everybody, chattering up a storm and smiling and laughing.

Her newest thing is to slap her hands over her mouth and go, "Uh Oh". It's funny.
Here she is giggling. She is such a happy little girl most of the time!!

I am HAPPY to report that all Christmas cards have [finally] been mailed with the exception of my brother-sister-in-law because Josh spilled soda on their's and we haven't fixed a new one. After the trip to the post office, we went by to visit MeeMee and DeeDee and Ellie tried hard to make friends with the cat, Bouncy, who is starting to come around, but only because she was sharing her McNuggets with him. She also helped DeeDee feed the koi in the pond and decided she didn't want to leave with me, but wanted to stay there. Sadly, we had to go to pick up "brother". She was out right after we left there. I'm supposed to get pictures of time at MeeMee and DeeDee's from my mom. Will post soon.

After having their pictures made with Santa, Josh wanted to walk through the mall. We finally ended up at a play area. Why is it that you can come up and no one is there and three seconds later it is full? So, Ellie warmed up to the other kids pretty quickly and played with them. Josh is SUCH an overprotective brother. One little girl was sliding with her and Josh didn't like it so he just took Ellie away to another part. The little girl came over and said, "I wanted to play with her but your son won't let me." I told her that he just wanted to play with her for a while. She said, "No, she wants to play with me." HA! I asked the little girl where her mom was -- she was "next door" at the bungee jump place. Oh, well. Then, when I told Josh and Ellie it was time to go, another little boy took Ellie's toy from her stroller and wouldn't give it back. I asked him for it, and he said, "No, I want to play with it." His mom came over and took it from him and gave it back. He threw a little fit, and while I was getting all our things together, Ellie ran back over to the little slide to slide. I was walking that way to get her when I saw the little boy, grab her, pulled her back off the back of the slide and start to hit her. My blood started to boil right there and I said, "NO! You can't do that. Stop!" His mom couldn't see from where she was, but she did finally see him drawing his hand back and yelled at him to stop. That little boy was a pistol. HOWEVER, Josh was FURIOUS with the little boy for "hitting his sister!!" He was trying to teach her how to make a fist to punch someone if they picked on her. MAN, I wouldn't want to be her boyfriend later on. I did the math -- when she's old enough to date (you know, at 30 - ha!), Josh will be 27. I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to have to pass inspection with him then. *smile* Here are some of the sweet pictures of play time.

Oh.My.Goodness. She has started to "flit" around. :-)


Mom to 2 Angels said...

That's the Santa we visit and we were just at that play area! There were a few unsupervised kiddos there when we were there, too.

Melissa said...

She looks adorable in those pigtails!