Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caleb's Birthday Party

This weekend we got to celebrate our friend Caleb's second birthday with him at his party. Last year, it was Ellie's first party she had ever attended, so Caleb's party will always be a little sentimental for me.

This year Caleb had a Cookie Monster party and had literally the tallest birthday cake I had ever seen. It tasted wonderfully and even had a layer of cookie in the middle. YUM. One of Ellie's and Caleb's friend's mom, Kenya, made it.

Since I forgot to take my camera in, Michelle took some pictures of Ellie and Caleb together. Happy 2nd birthday Caleb!!

Doesn't he have the most beautiful blue eyes??

Caleb got a really cool train/car table that all the kids LOVED to play with, including Ellie, who really prefers cars to dolls any time.

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