Friday, January 29, 2010

It Finally Happened

Anyone care to venture a guess about what "IT" is after looking at these pictures?

Stupid dog finally fell in the pool. Kevin looked out the back and saw him, went and grabbed him and lugged him out. THANK GOODNESS Kevin was home. After running his soaking wet self through the house, we finally contained him on a towel in front of a portable heater and got him dry. Tons of towels later we had him mopped up and the floor dry. A quick call to the vet revealed that he is probably ok. He coughed most of the water up and we will watch for signs of an infection for a few days depending on how shocked his system got. We aren't sure how long he was in the pool. We suspect he was trying to lean down and drink and slipped. He was a tail wagging dog the entire time, though, so I suppose he was just happy to be alive. I asked him if his life flashed before his eyes. He didn't answer. Silly dog.


Corinne said...

I bet that must of been a chilling experience for him!Poor pup..he will probably not do that again !

Jeanne said...

Glad your doggie is OK!