Monday, January 25, 2010

What I've Been Reading

Since Christmas, you'll remember I've been on a reading jag. I thought it would be fun to list some of the books I've read during the last month or so.

I re-started the Left Behind series that I read 11 years ago when they first came out. So far, I've read:
  • Left Behind
  • Tribulation Force
  • Nicholae
  • Soul Harvest
  • Apollyon

I've found these at McKay's Bookstore and haven't paid more than $.25 each for them in hardback. What a deal! I've been held up because I can't seem to catch Assassins there, which is the next book in the series. The series is MUCH more relevant this time around and I find myself making comparisons from their fictionalized story to our actual current events. If you haven't read them, try them. If you have, consider re-reading them.

I started reading someone new to me, Susan Isaacs and finished

  • After All These Years

I'm currently working on another one by her called:

  • Long Time No See

I've also completed:

Dating Big Bird, by Laura Zigman

Good Grief, by Lolly Winston (a must read, honestly!!)

and am currently also reading:

We Are All Welcome Here, by my all-time favorite writer, Elizabeth Berg

Alone, by another favorite, Lisa Gardner

I think one of the only good things I can chalk up to winter is that the shorter days mean longer nights and more time to read.

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Mayme said...

Love, Love, Love Elizabeth Berg. I've read everything she's ever written I think. I miss Opryland too. I've always resented "the mall"