Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Play

It has been literally years since I've seen 6" of snow in Tennessee so this weekend's snow "storm" was a sweet surprise. The last snow we had several weeks ago was just too, too cold for me to get Ellie out in and so she had never had the experience of playing in the snow. This time, I was determined she was going to go out and play.

We all suited up to go out. Poor Ellie looked like the child on A Christmas Story by the time we finished layering her up. She wobbled when she walked. But she wasn't cold.

The first thing she did was sit down right in the middle of it on the front porch.

I don't think she really knew what to make of it. She kept patting it and then trying to get it off her gloves.

Thankful to be alive, Bear went out to play with us and ran and played at ate snow.

Josh thinks these photos of Bear are so funny.

Do I not have the most handsome son?

Josh took a picture of us -- man, we look rough.

I have a picture similar to this of my daddy pulling me on a sled up a hill. Now I realize how hard is really IS to pull a kid around in the snow.

I love this picture of Kevin and Josh.

These are some of my favorites of the neighborhood kids we were sledding with.

Josh took a topple coming down the hill, got ice up his pants and decided he was done.

Ellie's friend Katherine took her up and down the hill repeatedly. She didn't seem afraid of sledding, but I noticed her eyes were closed in all the pictures of her coming down the hill!

Everyone started to tire:

This was the boys' "Chillax Area":

So we decided to call it a morning and head for home. When we got home and took Ellie's clothes off she cried and cried and had to be held to comfort her. I think she was just cold and tired. She's napped for almost two hours this afternoon.

After being home for a little while, I decided to make snow cream. We haven't made that since we've been married so it was a new treat/concept here. Kevin, however, didn't want it because of the "pollution" factor (spoil sport, huh???). He did try it, however.

Ellie LOVED it.

Josh wasn't so sure at first, but ate quite a bit of it and deemed it, "ok".

It was a great snow and a great time.


Mayme said...

I didn't make snow cream but I wanted to. Bo was also the spoil sport and worried about pollution! Hello, he eats at McDonalds on a regular basis!

Rachel said...

Awesome pics!