Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ellie's First Trip to the Dentist

Today was another "first" for Ellie: her first trip to the dentist. I probably would not have taken her this early except that Josh had an appointment for a cleaning and since we were going to be there, I wanted them to take a peek inside her mouth. Because of her prematurity and her birthmom's likely lack of prenatal care/nutrition, I wanted to make sure she was ok.

The dentist completed Josh first and then Ellie and I went back. She sat up in my lap and only cried a little bit because I had to hold her hands down to keep her from poking the dentist. He did a fairly quick look/check and pronounced her teeth in very good condition. She still has four molars to come in and he said we should expect them soon as they are her two year molars.

She got a new toothbrush AND toothpaste. He indicated she could start using regular toothpaste now too -- a very, very small amount. He says normally at two he starts kids on regular toothpaste and that she is close enough.

TODAY, The Princess is twenty-two months old -- the same age I was when I was adopted. *smile*

Josh, on the other hand, had a small cavity in between one of his teeth. We were able to get an appointment this afternoon and was able to get it fixed today so we didn't have to make another trip back.

Josh has been "cleared" for his first orthodontics appointment. Apparently his teeth are not overcrowded but very "spacious" and need to be pulled back together a little. I think we are going to do this early spring.

A good mom would have taken her camera and taken pictures today. You can infer what you want from the lack of photos. *smile*

Ellie has learned that if she holds two people's hands they will swing her and let her jump. This was a big discovery for her today and she wore both Josh and I out today.

Schools have already been closed for tomorrow in anticipation of the snow coming in. I suspect we'll have nothing because we are already closed. The forecast is for 3-5" where we are. The kids will have a GREAT time if it snows that much. This time, I promise to take Ellie out in it and get photos. Being a good Southerner, I've ask Kevin to stop to get bread on the way home. We really are out, so it's a legitimate need.


Shannon said...

Schools closed already???? That's so funny to us Northerners - they don't close schools around here unless there's going to be well over a foot of snow in a short period of time. And they never close school before the snow actually falls. Enjoy your "day off". :)

Margaret and Tom said...

Hope you enjoyed the snow! We didn't get much, just a tad north of the storm I guess, but I just looked out the window, and it has started to snow a bit...maybe an inch or less so far...Glad to hear Ellie's teeth are doing great, and hope Josh isn't too worried about the braces, it seems most kids have to have them for at least a little while these days!