Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Play

We had our first official snow of the year yesterday. While the original forecast called for 2-4", we ended up with something resembling 1/2". Schools were closed for two days. Got to love the South. I know all my Northern friends are laughing right now.

We had to get Josh a new sled because his from last year (a blow up one) was popped. For anyone interested, the only place in Nashville you can find a sled is ACE Hardware (Ace is the place with the helpful hardware man -- think of that every time, great marketing song).

There's a ton of kids one street over and I took Josh over to play. Eventually, they wore the snow out there, I guess because they ended back up over here on our road. Since I cannot stand being cold lately, I took pictures from either inside the house or quickly stepping out on the front porch so the quality isn't great. This is what our neighbors were doing -- can you say redneck snow play??? Of course, I'd say that to him too and we'd get a big laugh, so I'm certainly not offending him!!! Note, he's even on the phone while he was driving the mower/grader/sled ski.

Later last night (after dark), all the kids met up again (with some parents present for supervision) and did what they called "night sledding". It was so cold, but they had fun sledding for about an hour.

Josh is up and getting ready already this morning. They are certainly making good use of their 1/2" of snow. As one kid told me yesterday, "We don't get it often, so we got to play hard!" I don't know how in the world they keep from getting frostbitten.

And, then, there's the dumb dog who thinks it's great fun to lay on the frozen pool. Lord help us if the ice cracks and he falls through.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

We played hard for about ten minutes in our 1/2 inch today. That's all this mommy could take! And Ellie is looking more grown up in her pictures! Maybe her hair looks longer.

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness - that is a riot! We will often have 10 inches of snow here in Denver and as much as the kids will wish for a snow day they won't get it :(
Love the pix! Glad you had such fun!