Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Random Pictures

Lately Josh has been into building projects. He wants to saw, paint, drill, build all the time. That's ok except that he's not much on the clean up aspect of it all and tends to use his dad's tools, my craft supplies and stuff and won't put them back or clean them up. While I'm all supportive of his creative endeavors, it becomes another chore for me to either clean up or "nag" about. I keep thinking that I'm helping him develop into the man he is going to become. *smile* Imagine, however, looking up from work one day to see this:

The second photo is the "workshop" he built out on the deck on Monday so he would have a place "to work". I think it was because his room and the office were such a mess. One day I'm going to miss this, right?

He also got a "wild hair" to help Kevin dress Ellie this past Sunday. It was so funny to watch I grabbed the closest camera to get some pictures. They aren't the best, but the capture the essence of the large group effort it takes to get Ellie ready for church on Sundays. And people wonder why we had to stop going to early church...

After getting all dressed, she was enamoured with her "hat" and kept patting her head and saying, "Hat". She wore it pretty much all the day. This is amazing to me because she'll pull a bow out of her hair in two seconds flat, but left a HAT on??? Go figure. Here she is laying on the table (yes, the table) drawing. After she got ready, this is what she wanted to do and it kept her from getting dirty until we left.

She became quite frustrated with the umbrella however, and finally had to give it to Daddy to fix.

such a mess


mommy to six J's said...

how cute I love the photos of the family getting her ready how priceless. Your son has a great mind to make his own work shop.. I enjoyed stopping by ur place thanks for sharing your life.

Lori said...

That outfit of hers is precious!

I'm glad I am not the only one who was wondering if you were ok...if I hadn't seen a post today, I was on my way to email and check in!!!

sec. word: in people who can't wave very well experience wave enze

I kill myself!

Lori said...

Okay...this has NOTHING to do with your post except John wanted to know what my funny sec. word thing was and felt he needed to put his two cents:

wavenze as in...
Q: How do you get a one-armed man out of a tree?

A: I dunno...just wave n ze! do two hilarious comedians make it in the same house?

Today's word is rerbil... As in: Good thing there's no such thing as a purple rerbil because that sounds like it might hurt!

Yeah...not too great today. Something with a gerbil is just too predictable.