Friday, January 1, 2010

Little Miss Hot Stuff

YEARS AGO (literally) when we were planning to adopt from China and I was stocking the closet for our "soon-to-be-Asian-sweet pea", I came across a hot pink and lime green number at the Once Upon a Child Store. I immediately fell in love with it and couldn't wait to see my sweetness dressed up in it.

And then...I brought it home and showed it to Kevin who gave it less than stellar reviews. But, since he's not really a fashionista (sorry, Kevin, you know it's true), I kept the outfit and knew that one day my little girl would be beautiful in it.

Today, she finally got to wear it. And, being the Princess that she is, she even wore the hat for me to make a few pictures of her in it. I want to take some more when I have a better background, but these will have to do for today. She is just a beauty (yes, I'm prejudiced!!).

Check out the attitude. The hat needed a little adjusting. Kevin and I kept singing the lyrics from Prince, "She wore a raspberry beret; the kind you find in a second hand store." Perfect, eh?

Sweet little face ...

She was busy watching her "baby" at this point -- Baby Signing Time has taken OVER our television.


Christina said...

I truly LOVE that outfit!! And she looks adorable in it.

Jackie said...

I love it!!

Hilary Marquis said...

That looks deliciously precious!!! She's got such personality ;)

Lori said...

She's divine. Period.
I LOVE it!

Monica said...

I love it too!!!! :)