Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How Old is Too Old????

Regular readers know my penchant for coupon clipping and trying to get the best deal I can. So, when my coupon queen Kelly emailed to tell me that Olay products were both on clearance AND buy on get one half off AND that we had coupons, I was all over it. I headed over to Rite-Aid, coupons in hand, ready to become instantly beautiful.

I now know why Olay "PRESERVES" your face. This is NOT, however an Olay bashing because I LOVE Olay products.

I picked up several items, but one item I got was the Olay facial cloths. I thought that it would be a particular luxury to just wash my face and THROW AWAY the cleaning cloth. Imagine, no laundry associated with washing my face. So, at $7.99, less half off (clearance) and $1.00 off coupon, I thought I could spring $2.50 for a month of cloths.

It was a double bonus when I got home and saw there were coupons attached to the top of the box. I carefully clipped them off and looked to see what I got. My mind was reeling that I had saved so much already and LOOK! I was going to save more.


Stop for a moment and think that sometimes coupons expire while a product is sitting on the shelf. That is to be expected, right? And, honestly, a coupon that expired in, say, 2008, even really wouldn't be SUCH a stretch, would it?

SO.... IMAGINE my SURPRISE when I found that my coupon had expired in ..... 2003. Yes, you read it right -- 2003. Which means that that particular box of cleaning cloths probably had been sitting on a Rite Aid shelf since AT LEAST 2002 -- EIGHT YEARS????

So, needless to say, I didn't open and use them. I plan to return them to the Rite-Aid store where I purchased them and ask them to exchange them for a more "fresh" box. Although, honestly, how will I know???

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Margaret and Tom said...

OK, that is funny, maybe Olay is like fine wine, it gets better with time???