Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tutu Cute

Ellie runs about two months behind her friend "Hotdog" in pretty much all areas. It shouldn't have surprised me that almost two months to the date after her mom posted this picture:

Ellie became all enthralled with her tutu. She put it on today with her Elmo pajama top and flitted around for several hours. It was sweet -- and funny!

In other news, the KY Wildcats won their ballgame today. I'm certain it was because Kevin was wearing his (really Josh's but Kevin seems to have take possession of them) "lucky" Wildcats shoes.

Josh has spent some more time sledding today. As my friend Michelle said, "Who knew it would take three days to get the 1" of snow they predicted?" It has finally stopped snowing and we might have accumulated 1" total, but it certainly didn't stop those boys from playing in it for hours every day. I'm embarrassed to say we haven't even taken Ellie out in it. The temperatures are just frigid. Maybe tomorrow after church we'll venture out with her if there is still some white stuff left to play in.

Tonight when I was putting Ellie to sleep I noticed she kept saying something that sounded like, "Dooaa, dooaa, dooaa" and wiggling around. I finally realized she was trying to sing the Dora the Explorer song!!! She's really into Dora with her Dora pjs, Dora blanket and singing her Dora theme song. Funny!! She also has to know where everything and everyone is before she goes to sleep, but she does it the funniest way. She'll sign "daddy" and throw her hands out and say, "Go???" I'll tell her that Daddy is downstairs and she'll say, "Oh." Then we go through, "Bubba", "Kitty" and "Doggy" always with the same, "Oh" said very matter-of-factly after each one. Then she has to kiss every single doll and stuffed animal in the bed (but won't kiss us -- why???) before she can go to bed.


Lori said...

Precious. Just wait until she's going to preschool and wants to wear a pink tutu and an elmo shirt to school. With lopsided pigtails and a backpack full of baby dolls!

I want to see those pictures!!!! :)

Allison said...

So sweet! We have got to get our two little princesses together again soon. They can have a little tutu party!

Jeanne said...

Cute as can be!