Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Say It's SO!!!!

I heard an interesting clip on the radio news this morning.

In 1997, Gaylord closed the Opryland theme park to open a MALL. Just a few weeks back, my friend Stoney and I were at Opryland Hotel and we were laughing thinking about the meeting at Gaylord where someone stood up and said, "Hey! I've got an idea! Let's close the theme park and open .... get this: A MALL!!!" I'm sure that went over like a lead balloon. The crazy part? It actually happened. The year Josh was born, the park closed and it has been SORELY missed by many in the area since then.

I grew up going to Opryland USA. Many of my friends worked there. I remember my mom loading up the back of the truck and taking all of us for a day of fun at the park. My kids won't get that experience, but, gosh, we have a MALL, so we are just so happy. *sarcasm*

BUT... I digress. Today on the radio I heard that there is talk about bringing the park back since the talk of a new convention center in Nashville (something else, by the way, I don't think we need, but.... another story, another day). The report indicated that a "Gaylord spokesperson does not deny the rumor". There is a story about it here.

I can tell you one family that will be first in line for opening day!

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Jeanne said...

If it's got a train, we'll have to go!