Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Atlanta - A Whirlwind Trip

So we are now driving home from Atlanta where we did the whirlwind "do nothing exciting to report but got out of the house and got to eat at Cracker Barrel" tour.

Josh's ear is now draining. It's gross, really gross. I called the doctor today to make sure I should be concerned. I would have been concerned no matter what he said, but I guess he deals with crazy parents like me every day. I told him I was ok when it was creamy yellow, but now that it was turning pinkish-red, I was concerned. He called us in some antibiotic drops which my daddy picked up at the pharmacy this afternoon and dropped off at the house. When we get home, he's getting "dropped up" (ha! that's a ridiculous phrase). Hopefully, by tomorrow, this will stop. Not meaning to be gross, but I have NEVER seen any one's ears just ... well, drip. We solved it by getting some cotton balls at Walmart which he routinely sticks in his ears.

I'd like to report that we did something terribly exciting, but we drove there (stopping to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel -- does anyone recognize the fact that I LOVE this place? -- and then stopping at the outlet mall outside of Dalton, GA. I managed to get through the outlet with only a clearance outfit and "ellie"phant toy for Ellie. For those who fear that Josh has been slighted (that would be the grandparents :-0), he got a shirt today and another webkinz dog (which he slept with last night).

We checked into the hotel and went to bed. Josh wanted me to sleep with him and he was flippy-floppy all night and woke up several times because his ear was hurting. He ran a fever some and we had to give him some meds. It was a long night. I HAVE determined though that NO MATTER what the weight, there WILL be a white noise machine travelling with us to Kyrygyzstan. Due to the snoring factor of one of us, and knowing that we likely will not have an air conditioner to make noise, I fear I will get NO sleep. I am also taking some kind of knock-me-out-asleep pills as I get a wee bit cranky if I don't get a little sleep. (Hope Ellie is a good sleeper!!!) So, this trip was productive to that end.

While Kevin was in his mold class Josh got in the pool (head above water), we went to Walmart, ate lunch and packed up to leave.

That's it. Isn't it sad? :-) I was glad to get away from home for a bit though.

Speaking of the mold class, I was asking Kevin, "What in the world can you talk about mold for four hours?" I told him I could pretty much sum it all up in a few sentences: There is brown, black and green. It's all nasty and will cause your sinuses to act up. Spray it with bleach and it dies. What else could you need to know? I haven't asked him what else he learned, but he did say he enjoyed it. Ahh... opposites definitely attract. I'd rather watch mold grow than sit through a four hour seminar about it. I'm sure he feels the same way about scrapbooking so it all evens out.

So, now, back to reality. Many jobs to complete in the field and to get entered, a pizza fundraiser to wrap up on Thursday, food to buy for another fundraiser on Friday, a fundraiser/community Easter egg hunt on Saturday, waiting anxiously to hear from our grant applications, Easter musical for church on Friday night, Kevin's mom coming Friday, Easter on Sunday, cooking Easter dinner and having the parents over on Sunday, squeezing in a visit to the nurisng home to see Grandmother sometime during the holiday and I'm sure some house cleaning and laundry to keep it spicy.

I need a vacation. :-)

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Terri said...

You practically drove right by me on your visit to Atlanta! Gosh, don't ever do that again and not contact me. :)
Oh, and I can pretty much guarantee that you will be so exhaused your first few days in Kyrygyzstan, that you won't even have the energy or forethougt to turn on a noise maker at bedtime. LOL Since you will be there a while though, it might be worth the effort to take.