Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Washing Dishes

When I was little (and I mean little) my job was to wash dishes. I remember have to have a step stool to reach the sink (my parents are laughing at this point!!). Washing dishes was my job until I left home (a LOT of years later).

So, in an effort to instill a little of the same "job ethic" and "responsibility" into Joshua -- and, let's be honest, a way to get out of doing dishes!!! -- I felt it time that he learn to become responsible for the dishes each day.

Tonight he started. I got all the expected reasons why he shouldn't have to do this: "I'll gag; that food on there is gross; I'll throw up." Imagine all this in a very whiny voice. I told him he could throw up and then he'd just have to clean that up too. THAT seemed to be the right answer as he stopped and said, "I don't want to have to do THAT!" to which I replied, "Then don't throw up." He found some rubber gloves (he couldn't TOUCH that stuff!) and started the process. A BOTTLE (I'm certain it was that much) of Dawn and multiple gallons of water later, he emerged with the dishes clean and the dishwasher running. He only had to re-wash one pan and, surprisingly, didn't gag.

We'll see if we manage to make a habit of it. Here's some proof of his work.

I'm such a "mean" mama!!! :-)

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