Thursday, March 6, 2008

Progress Being Made

Despite the fact that I found no "takers" for my position of Replacement Me, I decided something HAD to be done with that "To Do" list when people began asking me, "Do you REALLY have that many things to do??" with some incredulity. I sort of whispered my reply in embarrassment, "Those were just the most important things." *smile*

So, today, I got on that proverbial ball and got the following items cleared off my list:

  1. 1. Punch has gone to the vet. She has some really long named possibly allergy/immune system thingy that is causing her paw to become inflammed and the vet indicated she thought it was starting in another paw. I LOVE my vet, Dr. Lamb. She is awesome. She came back in with a book and showed me pictures, told me about what it was and everything. Sadly, all I was thinking in my mind the entire time she was talking was, "Is she going to DIE from this???" followed by, "I wonder if this is a high dollar fix?" Fortunately for both Punch and me, it was neither. Some steroids and antibiotics and she should be one the mend. It might take several weeks.
  2. Deposits are made at the bank.
  3. Weekly Bible study classwork is complete and class for this week is done.
  4. Telephone repair man came and the phone is working again.
  5. Joshua's tonsillectomy has been cancelled and I will call back closer to summer and after our referral to re-schedule.
  6. Dossier is in order. We are missing only the photo pages and we have to have the police clearance letters re-done. Everything is ready for notarization. Thanks to my friend, A., who also lives in TN and has adopted from Kyrg, I will now only have to go to two county clerks offices instead of three AND I have a phone number where I can "call ahead" and they will have it ready to staple to the paper. You CANNOT beat that, can you??
  7. I am headed to Bowling Green for a LONG day tomorrow to clean that work up there. I have entered some of the backlog of work I have. This might continue to be on the list for a few weeks. But hey, it's job security, right???

Thanks to Kevin today for picking up the missing Marriage Licenses, Joshua's medical forms and having our passport copies made. That took a LOT off me.

I'm feeling a bit better. Give me a weekend and I just might be able to cut that list down to just a few items!!! Yay.

And, Dana, if you are reading this, I have pulled out the items you have asked for and will be scanning tomorrow night and emailing them to you. They are "on the list".

And last, but certainly not least, I got my baby "fix" in tonight at church. My friend Michelle's baby, Caleb is just TOO CUTE and is usually a willing participant for my much needed fix!

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