Saturday, March 29, 2008

Death and Taxes

I'm not sure which is worse, but today I feel like one and am working on the other. You can guess which is which.

I am happy to report that I do see improvement today over yesterday. I had a long talk with the Healer, the Great Physician and the One who Made me last night and explained how very much more agreeable I might would be toward others were I to feel a smidgen better today. So, I've tried to be nice to those around me today -- they might not agree.

I spent the day in bed -- literally -- with my laptop working on LISTS upon LISTS of things that needed to be done and making packing lists for trip 1 and trip 2, recommended travel agents and travel insurance providers, where to stay (and where NOT to stay), local things to see, do and where to eat (and where not to), printing out some common Russian phrases. Oh how I know I'll end up like the mom on my yahoo list who posted that the only foreign word she spoke over there was a Spanish word and she wondered why they looked at her funny until her kids burst out laughing. This WILL be me, people -- imagine Russian with a southern drawl -- it just isn't funny, is it? DAH??? (yes, in Russian, I think). I've gone back through the emails I've been putting in a special file over the past few months that held little tidbits, treasures worth remembering: like remember to bring Kleenex or wipes as there is no toilet paper -- and likely no toilet either. "Go before you go" is our new catch phrase. I've made lists of items I'm hoping I can collect from folks in our church/community to take as donations for the children in the orphanages. These things include:

  • clothes

  • pacifiers

  • infant fever reducers

  • poly-vi-sol infant liquid vitamins

  • snacks for the older children

  • shoes

  • donations for the babies in the hospitals (blankets, socks, hats, etc.)

It's amazing to see the referral photos of these babies in westernized items and know that our baby will be clothed and wrapped with items from families who came before and were generous and kind. I want to repay that to someone down the line. But, more than that, I want to help those I have to leave behind -- even if in some tiny, small way. I remind you again -- if you have time -- to visit a missionary's blog who is working there. John's site, click here, is a tragic reminder of the life we have as citizens of the US and what a tragedy it is for us to turn our backs on others in need. I was particularly upset by his recent story of helping the men in Kyrgyzstan. I'm certain John would not mind me re posting a sentence or two that grabbed my attention:

he also had a street ministry working with the homeless.. We asked him what are the contributing factors... His response took us off guard... We have seen and heard a lot, but still could not get our minds around the answer.... A large percentage of the homeless on the streets of Bishkek are Kyrgyz men that had gone to Kazakhstan seeking employment and then were kept as slaves. They have had there documents taken, then have been forced into labor, and kept in cages. When and if they do escape and make there way back to Kyrgyzstan, they have no money and no paperwork, so they are not able to get a job.. they have also suffered so much abuse that they are emotionally scared for life.

Read his blog and you'll have some idea why I want to help those little kids as much as I can. Someone on the adoption list I'm on pointed out that while we can't help everyone of them, by adopting one we are opening a spot , a door really, for another that might have had the same fate as these men.

Oh, WOW! I really got off task. So, I've spent the DAY working on my taxes. I'm stilling missing an envelope of receipts from a trip I took in February (does this suprise ANYONE???) and still need to verify some data, but I'm pretty much done. We are getting a small refund, but it is going directly into the adoption fund. We are excited to just not have to pay this year. It's the first year since I have been working for myself that we didn't -- yay!!! And, it is a blessing from God, a little more of His help and re-assurance that He has this all under control -- thank you, God. Oh, and if you are reading my blog, tonight, God, could I please please be well (and maybe even nice?) tomorrow?

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There is actually a Relient K song called "Death and Taxes."